Wall-E: Living vs. Surviving

Movie (and possibly a sermon) spoiler warning!!!!!!  (Although I’ll try and keep the details to a minimum.)

I went to see Wall-E on Tuesday night.  What a strange (although this was to be expected) movie!  I wasn’t quite prepared for the long scenes devoid of conversation.  It was only afterwards, in discussing the movie with my movie-partner, that I began to realize how this movie can be used as a metaphor for the church.  I don’t think the creators ever thought that the movie would be related to faith / religion / church, but anyway, here goes.  (I have to add that the movie will be a great conversation starter for many a topic, e.g. ecological issues, user mentality etc.)

The protagonist is a robot called Wall-E whose daily task (for the past 700 years) has been to clean up the very polluted and very deserted earth.  One day, as these things happen, Wall-E leaves earth (I’m not going into details) for a luxury cruise spaceship, where all the humans are having a jolly good life.  In fact, they are having such a good life that they have all become fat (to the point of being almost boneless) and lazy.  Robots take care of the menial tasks of daily life.  In any case, at some point in the story, the captain of this spaceship learns a few things about life on earth more than 700 years ago.  He tries to steer the ship towards earth, but the ship’s autopilot has taken over true captaincy of the ship a long time ago (in true “Space Odyssey” fashion).  The ship, aptly named “Axiom” (all the humans simply accept their situation), tries to dissuade the captain of his newly found mission by pointing out how good the humans are surviving out there in space.  The captain retorts:  “I don’t want to survive; I want to live!”

It is at this point where the church sprung up in my subconscious, surfacing later that evening.  Sometimes, we are so happily living in our “luxury cruise” churches, enjoying the axiomatic goodness of church life, that we don’t see to what extent we’ve become fat, boneless and lazy.  Building even bigger churches, channeling our resources into self-sustenance.  However, the church has not been called for survival.  Rather, we have been called to live – in this very polluted world of ours.

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2 Kommentaar op “Wall-E: Living vs. Surviving”

  1. cobus Says:

    O ek love dit as ander ook weet wat in Space Odyssey aangaan!

  2. tiaan Says:

    Het nie die kerk-kant van die movie raakgesien nie. How ignoramus of me. Of dalk was ek net in my onderbewuste net nie lus nie. Die vet mense wat so rondwobble was vir my vrek snaaks!

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