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Maart 26, 2008

Just a thought:  not many of us thinks of the people Paul writes to as being slaves.  Two quotes from an article of A. A. Ruprecht in Dictionary of Paul and his Letters, Downer’s Grove:  Intervarsity Press, 1993:

Estimates are that 85-90 percent of the inhabitants of Rome and peninsula Italy were slaves or of slave origin in the first and second centuries A.D. (Ruprecht 1993:881). 

The names of those mentioned in Romans 16 suggest that many had been slaves.  Andronicus and Urbanus were exclusively slave names in the literature and inscriptions of Paul’s day (Ruprecht 1993:881).

We have to conclude that Paul also wrote to slaves!  This is something that I’ve never thought about.  I don’t think we reckon with this when doing exegesis!